Mailbag with Letters to the World


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Mailbag with Letters to the World

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Konichiwa, ciao, namaste, hello!!!!     It’s such fun for children to both send and receive letters from other countries.

This is a wonderful learning game consisting of a very happy mailbag and 10 envelopes from different countries with ‘Hello" in each language embroidered on the envelope. The stamp on each envelope is actually the flag of the country, once again beautifully embroidered.
Lebanon, Ghana, Germany, South Africa, Greece, Italy, Australia, Japan, India and England are the countries represented.
The envelopes are secured at the back with velcro and a letter, drawing etc can be placed inside the envelope and posted into the mailbag.
The letters can be retrieved from the mailbag through the small opening at the back .
Envelopes measure approx 16 x 11 cms
Mailbag measures approx 26 wide by 32 deep with a 10 cm gusset.

A fun way to learn and identify with many different countries!