Printing Blocks

Beautiful wooden printing blocks – sustainable, inspiring, recycled (upcycled really!)…

So easy to use – my nieces and nephews love decorating cards and Tshirts when they come to visit Aunty Sally.

Larger print blocks are gorgeous enough to be decorative pieces when not in use – or fill a bowl with smaller blocks for a unique display.

Produced by artisans in India, hardwood offcuts from the building industry are hand carved and recycled into these durable and versatile art and craft printing blocks. This method of production goes back many generations and the carvers take many years to learn to produce high quality blocks – this skill is often passed down from father to son.

Adults and children alike can be very creative and there are a multitude of designs. Use them on a range of fabrics and papers (matt surfaces are best) using any quality of paint depending on the required result.

Guidelines for use and care are provided with every purchase.

TOP TIP – fabric paint can be very expensive – I add a few drops of Jo Sonja Textile Medium to cheap acrylic paint to turn it into good fabric paint….no need to iron the print and it lasts well.