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  The Kimono is the traditional dress of the Japanese for both men and women and is still worn for special occasions such as weddings. It is worn with a long wide sash called an “Obi”. To wear, the kimono is wrapped around the right side of the body and overlapped with the left side. There are holes underneath the sleeves for the sash to be pulled through.

Traditionally the Obi would be up to 12ft long and wrapped around and round and kept in place with a special fastening at the back. On the feet would be worn “Tabi” or Japanese socks with a socket for the big toe. “Zori” is a thick soled sandal with a V-shape between the big toe and the rest of the foot to hold it in place. Shoes are always removed in Japanese homes.

TThe kimono is loose fitting and suitable for a wide range of young children or use for display. Cold hand washable only.