indigenous food from the sea including turtle, fish, oyster, pearl shell, pippy and crab

Indigenous Food from the Sea Play Set


These beautiful three-dimensional learning resources make learning fun.

Indigenous foods from the sea – fish, turtle, pippi, oyster, crab and pearl shell.

Also included – knotted string bag and story about hunting and gathering these foods.

Designed by indigenous artist Sherren Gross.


Seafood Play Set designed by Sherren Gross, an indigenous Qandamooka (Salt Water people) woman  from North Stradbroke Island and Moreton Bay areas in Queensland.

Comes with a story about how these are the foods that Sherren’s family would gather and catch to eat – fish, turtle, pippi, oyster, crab and pearl shell.

Included – knotted string Gathering Bag and 6 Foods all embroidered and hand sewn.

Bag is approx 30cm x 20cm.  Foods are 3 dimensional – various sizes averaging 10cm to 20cm in length.